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Choosing Paint Colors for your Westchester County Homes Interior

Interior Painting Contractor Westchester CountyYour interior space speaks volumes about your personality. That’s why it is always advisable to choose colors and decors that resonate with you, something you like rather than what is trending or looks good in a magazine. This might sound obvious but being in sync with your living space will lift your moods and make you feel at “home”. One great way of identifying yourself with your home is through unique interior painting. Your choice of paint color will showcase who you truly are and ensure you feel at home, at peace, and in sync with the vibe, your home exudes.

Here are a few unique interior painting ideas that will bring out your personality.

Interior Painting Contractor Westchester County

1. Wall Colors

Choose colors that you really like for your walls.

Don’t be afraid to go bold or do something quirky. One quick trick for choosing colors for your wall is by looking at any paintings or artwork you have and choosing a color you love in it. You can brighten up your neutral walls, or add a sectioned accent wall. You can also make a dramatic entrance by going bold on your hallway with a painted design or mural.
Interior Painting Contractor Westchester County

2. Furniture and Kitchen Cabinets

If you are wary of bold wall colors, you can test your tolerance with tinier spaces like kitchen cabinets and furniture. You can keep the neutral walls then paint your dresser or an end table with bright colors to add some life to your space.

As for the kitchen cabinets, if you’re bored with the “old safe white,” you can swap it with deep navy blue hues or any other bold colors. This will even make everything around the kitchen feel bigger and lighter. Having a local professional painting company on your team comes in handy when considering painting kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Our expert painters can help with cabinet painting, staining & refinishing.

From a professionally sized chefs-kitchen in need of a new look to a single cabinet or built-in unit looking for a facelift, our team of talented partners is well versed in the nuanced techniques that make cabinet repainting and refacing so impactful.

As with all our services our designers are just a phone call or in-person consultation away should you not know exactly what you’re after.

3. Ceilings

You may be wary of going full color on your ceiling. We get it, but if you still want to make a statement a painted ceiling should be considered. You can choose to keep neutral walls and add a pop of color to the ceiling or change up the look and feel of the room with a high gloss ceiling, and matte finish walls or visa-Versa. Ceiling finish varication will give a room a real boost; without being too overwhelming.

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Approach each room individually. But at the same time keep the big picture in mind. We are all looking to give our home a sense of balance. At the end of the day, there is no one right answer and its paint, if you pick a color but are not in love with it or it’s not what you envision, you can always re-do it. There are endless ways of making your home lovely, just keep an open mind.

Here in Westchester County, homeowners stay ahead of the curve when it comes to interior paint trends. What is fashionable today may be out next week and what is fresh on the horizon may never come into popularity. 

Here is a look at the interior painting trends we watched come into fashion here in Westchester in 2019.

Hazel Nut Paint Colors

Warm inviting and borrowing from many natural tones that will never go out of style Hazel Nut paint tones certainly had a moment in the sun, so to speak here in Westchester throughout 2019.

Grays from Stonington to Lilac

There is gray and then there are warmer grays that have been injected with other hues to create a mroe balanced or inviting temperature for the paint. A home can use gray throughout and never have to use the same tone, hue or color temperature; there are limeless options and variations all in shades of gray.

Dark Greens

‘Night watch’ made Pantone’s top 2019 paint colors this year and herein Westchester we painted more than a few rooms deep dark green, handsome and lush greens. We all loved what green did to the rooms we clad in it, calling on nature, these newly painted green rooms were evocative of luck botanicals and were as awe-inspiring as the forests themselves.

Soft Clays

Natural, neutral and mutable, these soft colors offer a room a lot of flexibility and warmth. While soft clay hues may not be right for your Westchester homes interior painting project, it will be suited well for many. Soft clays look great in warm natural light. Have a sunroom? Bathroom or kitchen with a Western Exposure? You may want to explore the tonal options of the soft clay colors offer.


Still, looking to collect information for your upcoming interior painting project here in Westchester County? Call us we would love to help and can provide a free consultation and no-obligation quote to help get you and your project in motion.

Westchester County is known for Playland Park in Rye, The Rockefeller Estates in Sleepy Hollow and the marvelous Hudson River stretching from Hastings on Hudson to Croton on Hudson. We want to be known for our customer service, interior painting expertise and professionalism. Put our team to the test – we are family owned and operated and guarantee all the work we do!

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