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Westchester County NY Home Painting for the Holidays

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to change the personality of a room. With the holidays coming, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you are going to decorate and make your home come alive for all of the upcoming festivities. Before digging out the lights and decorations, consider giving your home a fresh coat of paint – here’s why:

Enhance the Look of Your Holiday Decor

Make your home look and feel like it should be featured on the cover of a magazine by selecting a paint color that not only goes great with your everyday furnishings but also enhances the ambiance of your holiday decorations. Whether your holiday decor theme is bright and modern, whimsical, silver and gold, woodland, or traditional, you can make your home feel a little more festive by choosing an amazing paint palette that will make every wreath, ornament, stocking, and Elf on a Shelf pop!

Brighten Up the Appearance of Your Home

No matter if you choose a dark shade of red or a barely-there smoky blue color for your space, the paint will brighten up the appearance of the walls and make your home look fresh and clean. Over time, existing paint gets stained and dirty and takes on a dull appearance. Old paint deflects sunlight and can make your home feel like a cave. When you apply fresh paint to the walls, your home will come alive and feel remarkably clean once again. Dark colors will make a room feel cozy while light colors will open up the room and make it feel airy.

A Change of Perspective

For many people, the thought of family and friends coming over for the holidays makes us feel the need to put on the “dog and pony show” and expose to everyone how well we have done throughout the year. Perhaps you planned a remodel that you did not have the time to get done or your finances did not afford you the opportunity to do any substantial work to your home; giving your home a fresh coat of paint can help you change your perspective, transform its overall look, and make you feel good about celebrating the holidays.

Before you set up your tree, trim your home with lights, and get all of the decorations put out, give your home the gift of a fresh coat of paint! No time to paint? No problem. At Westchester Painting, we are professionals and will do all of the painting for you in a clean and efficient manner. Contact us today so we can discuss your project!

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