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What Colors say what and which are for your Westchester County home?

When you are getting ready to plan a painting project in your Westchester Home your first stop should be a trip into, The wonderful world of color.

When was the last time you stopped by The Home Depot and looked at all the color options? So many options and shades to explore.

And, if you take your time you’ll come to understand why there are so many, the idea that colors can affect mood isn’t spoken about very often. But it should be! Once you understand how color impacts not just a room’s vibe but its energy and the feelings it inspires you’ll never look at an accent wall the same way. Did you know, the colors you choose for your home have a meaning behind them?


The color red increases your heart rate and tends to make you hungry. Also, when we see the color red, it draws out feelings of power and love. The color red is an attention-grabber and creates a fast-paced aura.

Ways to use the color RED:

  • Red is a bold color and can be used in kitchens to accommodate the growing hunger effect.
  • A fun way to use red is painting furniture to add a pop of color to any room, or your front door to make a statement.
  • You can also use tones related to red such as burgundy or maroon.
  • Red is a brilliant option for restaurants and other food establishments.


A calming and welcoming color. Blue is the most popular favorite color among humans. Color makes people feel tranquil. This is why most people are drawn to vacation in beachy areas where the water is blue, and the sky can be seen regularly.

Ways to use the color BLUE:

  • Bedrooms with blue walls provide comfort.
  • Blue adds a vintage flair to furniture.
  • Spas and counseling/therapy centers can use the color blue to create a calming and trusting area.

Green & Brown

The earthy tones, green and brown are believed to have the power to heal. The colors green and brown create a natural feeling of stability.

Ways to use the colors GREEN & BROWN

  • If you’re selling a house, neutral colors such as tan and brown are an excellent way to make the home more appealing.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms can be painted green to give a healthy and natural vibe.


Purple is a dominant color that exhibits wealthy and wisdom. Purple is a popular color among royalty and promotes creativity.

Ways to use the color PURPLE

  • Playrooms or hobby rooms are perfect for painting purple because it encourages creativity.
  • Nurseries can be painted lighter shades of purple such as lavender or lilac.


The sunny disposition color, yellow is loud and energetic. It promotes happiness and excitement.

Ways to use the color YELLOW

  • A brave idea is to use a soft yellow paint for the exterior of your home to demonstrate a welcoming house.
  • A single accent such as a door, trim, or single-wall can provide a cheerful splash to any room.
  • Yellow shutters are a fun way to spruce up the windows of your home.


The color of elegance and grief. We tend to feel powerful when we wear the color, but powerless when we see it. Think, little black dress or black tux (confidence).


Ways to use the color BLACK

  • Accent pillows for beds or sofas
    • Lamps
    • Curtains
    • End tables, coffee tables or bookshelves

Every color has a story, and every color can transform a room one way or another. If you’re looking to spruce up the mood in your next painting adventure, give Westchester Painting a call we will be happy to guide you through the color selection process and ensure the painting of your home project not only leaves your rooms looking great but feeling great too!

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