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FAQs About Cabinet Painting in Westchester NY

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One of the newest trends in home improvement includes painting your cabinets. Since cabinet painting might be new to you, it is a pretty safe bet that you have some questions about it. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about cabinet painting along with their answers to help you decide if our cabinet painting service is right for your home.

If I paint my cabinets will it last?

  • The easiest answer is that it depends on the level of quality of the cabinet painting job itself. A job done right, using the right quality of paint will not chip or fade for a very long time. That’s a major reason to consider a professional when it comes to painting your cabinets.

Does painting cabinets require some special preparation?

  • Yes, surface preparation is the key to a quality cabinet painting job. These steps commonly include:
    • A complete dismantling of all cabinet components.
    • Sanding all surfaces to break down the existing finish.
    • Wiping down the surfaces to get rid of the gloss of the previous finish with a cleaning agent.
    • Pre-paint preparation with a bonding primer.
    • For oak or dark stained cabinets, another treatment is often used to seal the grain and block any stains that might bleed through the paint.

Note to the homeowner: this is also the point in the cabinet painting project where we can fix broken or worn cabinets and if you, choose to; remodel, reposition or even build custom cabinet solutions into your existing cabinets.

Is a clear coating required to protect the paint?

  • Absolutely not! If quality paint is used, clear coating is not necessary and it tends to contribute to yellowing with age. Save the clear coating for car painting.

How long does cabinet painting take?

  • The standard answer is about two weeks. It will depend on a few factors like, where the work is being done and the size of the cabinet painting job in general, but for our team two-weeks is a fair average duration of a cabinet painting project.

Can you continue to use your kitchen during the process?

  • Doors and drawers are usually removed and either taken back to the shop or moved on-site to a tent or into your garage. However, the boxes of your cabinets (the mounted parts) will remain in place. When the boxes are being painted you won’t be able to use your kitchen for 3 to 4 days.

Can you get rid of the oak grain with cabinet paint?

  • By sealing the grain, described in the answer to question two, and by properly preparing the surface, you can smooth it out and eliminate it.

Can you paint the laminate ends too?

  • Though they are not really wood, laminate surfaces can be painted if the proper bonding primer is used.

Is cabinet painting just a fad?

  • It depends on what color you go with. If you go with some of the various colors that are currently in style, then you will probably end up changing it down the road. However, the clean look of a white cabinet is something that will never go out of style.

If bringing your cabinets up-to-date by painting them is something you are interested in, we hope that the answers to these frequently asked questions have helped with your decision.

For further help with cabinet painting challenges and fresh design consultations in Westchester NY, give the team at Westchester Painting a call.

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